About TowZen


Tow Zen was founded on July 26th, 2004.


We are a restaurant that specializes in soy milk ramen. At the same time, we are also a Kyoto-based institution dedicated to the healing that can be provided by cuisine.


The top three elements that define us are soy milk ramen, zen, and the Mayan Calendar. 


All of our dishes are free of any animal products, making them totally vegan friendly. We create our dishes based on the principles of Shoujin Ryouri, a Buddhist vegetarian meal which is in line with Zen Buddhist philosophies. “ Therefore, not only our dishes are ethical, but because they avoid the Gokun, five pungent roots said to disturb mentality; they also appeal to both western and eastern styles of veganism.”


In addition, our dishes contain many traditional Japanese ingredients such as dried tofu skin, Japanese peppers, and mushrooms. Through this, we hope you can fully enjoy the harmony of our cuisine, which is a fundamental part of traditional Japanese culture.

“Tow (the other world) Zen” - or in other words, The Zen of the World After Ascension.

We at TowZen stand for mutuality, correctness, righteousness, accuracy, and truth.

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